Turn Your Phone into The Ultimate Sales Dialer with Kixie Connect

Turn Your Phone into The Ultimate Sales Dialer with Kixie Connect | Telephones for business

Turn Your Phone into The Ultimate Sales Dialer with Kixie Connect

Kixie Connect provides a way to get the best of both worlds: all of our sales dialer features like local presence dialing, lifetime call recordings, one-click calling from all across the web in Google Chrome, voicemail drop and seamless CRM integration. And you can have all this functionality as long as you have a direct number with your existing provider. And that’s most people!

Here is a typical use-case: Bob has a Vonage desk phone he’s been using for years. He’s been dialing prospects with his right-index finger, which is developing early-stage arthritis. He shows the same old caller ID number every time, and mostly gets voicemail boxes since his prospects either know it’s him or they don’t trust his out-of-state number. He leaves long, lumbering voicemails and has a chronic sore throat that requires a monthly spend of $56 on cough drops. But Bob was savvy enough to start a free 7-day Kixie trial even though he lost his credit card in the sofa. He added the Kixie Chrome extension, selected “call through my vonage phone”, and he is such a changed man that we will now call him Robert.

Robert now makes one-click calls through his desk phone right from his computer screen, he shows a local number to each prospect automatically, and he leaves a perfect voicemail each time with one click. His arthritis is healing, he no longer has a chronic sore throat, and he didn’t have to drive himself crazy changing phone systems. Now his pickup rate and callback rate are much stronger (up to 5x), and he is $56 richer each month. With none of the hassle of switching phone providers, Kixie Connect can still provide you with the CRM integrated ultimate sales dialer functionality.

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