Powerful Voicemail Scripts to Convert More Leads by Industry

Powerful Voicemail Scripts to Convert More Leads by Industry | Telephones for business

It’s unlikely all sales calls will get through to the right person every time. In fact, research shows 80% of sales calls go through to voicemail (source: Sales Leads Inc). A voicemail script lets salespeople leave engaging messages every time and increase the chances of a call back. These callbacks are some of the most valuable leads salespeople can generate.

The rate of callbacks increases with the number of voicemail drops left. Just one scripted voicemail can increase callbacks by 11%, a follow-up voicemail drop equates to a 22% increase, and a third by 33%. A powerful sales voicemail script will pique interest and leave the recipient wanting to learn more. Although voicemail drops aren’t easy to master, they’re definitely worth the effort.

Crucial Elements of Any Sales Voicemail Script

Your business voicemail script needs to go beyond introductions and leaving contact details. Those kinds of sales voicemails are boring and likely to get deleted before the message ends. Effective voicemails are about the person you are calling, not you, the product, or the service being sold. This makes your message irresistible and leaves the prospect wanting more.

To do this, personalize your message to make it feel intensely relevant to the recipient. One way to do this is by starting the voicemail with a pointed question or getting straight into the benefits they’ll receive from calling you back.

You should also stick to your normal tone of voice and respect the recipient’s time by keeping your voicemail short - no longer than 30 seconds. Finish your voicemail drop in a non-traditional way, but obviously, include your contact number.

Five Points to Remember for Your Business Voicemail Script

No matter what industry you’re in or the type of product or service you are calling about, there are five crucial points that all business voicemail scripts must include to be effective. These elements don’t need to be covered in the order noted, but your sales message should include them at some point.

  1. An opening line that is personal to the prospect. Try asking a question that will raise the prospect’s interest and use the prospect’s name. Hearing our names is like receiving a subtle compliment, it shows someone has taken the time to find out a little bit about us. This builds reciprocity.
  2. The reason the prospect should call you back. This is also the reason you are calling, but you should switch this around to your prospect’s point of view. You may be calling to sell your widgets, but why should they be bothered to call you back?
  3. Your name, the company you work for, and your contact number. Without these details, your prospect can’t satisfy their curiosity by acting upon the action you have requested they make.
  4. Your availability. Let the prospect know the best time for them to follow up with you about the great offer you have presented.
  5. A specific next step they need to take. Giving prospects a clear action they need to take removes ambiguity and hesitation about how they should respond to your sales voicemail.

9 Sales Voicemail Scripts You Can Use Today

A sales voicemail script keeps salespeople focused so they can leave concise, engaging messages that generate interest. A rambling voicemail is unlikely to get results. It can even damage your relationship with a prospect before it gets started.

Using a sales voicemail script that can be customized for each prospect boosts callbacks and ensures messages are left with confidence and clarity. Here are our suggestions, broken down by industries that see large outbound call volumes.

Sales Voicemail Script for Home Improvement Calls

The benefits of home improvements should be relayed in your sales voicemail so prospects are clear about the product and eager to learn more. These scripts can be customized to increase home improvement sales.

#1 Sales voicemail script for solar panel sales messages

Hi [Prospect Name], Do you want to reduce your electricity bills by X percent? I’m [Salesperson’s Name] from [company] and we’re offering homeowners [value proposition]. Other customers who have taken us up on this have seen a reduction in their home power bills of as much as $$ value each month. Call me on [contect number] and time between [availability] to find out how we can save you money too.

#2 Sales voicemail script for roofing services

Hi [Prospects Name], How important is it for you to take great care of your home and biggest asset? I’m calling from [company] to deliver [value proposition]. Roof maintenance can save homeowners on household bills, prevent unexpected damage, and even increase their home’s value. My name’s [salesperson’s name], give me a call on [contact number] between [availability] to take advantage of our services.

Sales Voicemail Script for Finance Services

Learning about financial services such as pension plans, mortgage deals and business loans is something many people put off until it becomes crucial for them to act. These sales voicemail scripts for financial services will get prospects eager to learn more.

#3 sales voicemail script for mortgage advice

Hi [Prospect’s Name], Would you like to save money on your monthly mortgage payments? I’m calling from [company name] about [value proposition]. We’ve saved homeowners like you a total of $$ in mortgage repayments over the past year alone. Our initial consultation and impartial advice are free. Give me a call between [availability] to find out how you can reduce your mortgage repayments.

Follow-up sales voicemail drop: Hi [Prospect’s Name], It’s [Salesperson’s Name] calling about [value proposition] again. I just realized I didn’t leave you my name or number - sorry! Give me a call on [contact number], that’s [contact number]. Speak soon, bye.

#4 Sales voicemail script for business loans

[Prospect’s name], hi! It’s [salesperson’s name] calling from [company name] about your inquiry into [value proposition]. This year alone we’ve helped [number of small businesses] grow with simple finance options. Would you like to get ahead of your competition? Call me to see how we can help [contact number], that’s [contact number].

#5 Sales voicemail script for pension plans

[Prospect’s name], It’s [salesperson’s name] calling about securing your future. At [company name] we help our clients to [value proposition] with some of the best pension plans available. Each year, we help [number of people] retire with confidence and security. Do you want to live comfortably when you step back from work? Call me on [contact number] between [availability] to build the future you’re dreaming of. That’s [contact number].

Sales Voicemail Script for B2B Lead Generation

Outbound calling to generate leads shouldn’t rely on reaching a person at the other end of the line with every call. A powerful sales voicemail script will generate quality leads that are eager to hear about the opportunity you’re selling.

#6 Sales voicemail script for B2B lead generation

Hey [Prospect’s Name], It’s [salesperson’s name] calling about [value proposition] from [company name]. I thought of you because I’m working with [brand] that’s seen about a 20% increase in reorders, with our product, and I think that [benefit 1] and [benefit 2] could work really well for you too, but aren’t entirely sure. Give me a call back at [phone number] to discuss. Again, it’s [salesperson’s name] on [contact number], I’ll be around [availability]. Thanks!

#7 Sales voicemail script for a B2B service

Hi [Prospect’s name], It’s [salesperson’s name] calling about [value proposition] that has already brought [benefits] to [brands] in [similar industry]. I’d love to do the same for [prospect’s company name]. Call me back at [company name], [contact number], to discuss. That’s [contact number].

Sales Voicemail Script for Real Estate Salespeople

Catching homeowners during working hours can be tricky. The right voicemail drop script will encourage them to call you back at a time that works for both of you.

#8 Sales voicemail script for re-listing expired realty listings

Hi, [prospect name], this is [your name], a realty specialist from [company name]. I saw your home on [neighborhood or street] and noticed the listing recently expired, are you still looking for buyers? I’m familiar with the area and may have some interested clients willing to pay competitive prices for [home features]. Call me back on [contact number] between [availability] to discuss how I can help you get the best value for your home.

#9 Sales voicemail script for new realty listings

Hi [Prospect’s name], I wondered if you’ve considered taking advantage of the booming housing market in your area and selling your home? I’m [salesperson’s name] with [company name] and I just closed a sale for your neighbor on [street name]. Give me a call on [contact number] so we can go over some numbers that show your home’s current value. I already have some clients who may be interested in moving to this area. Again, my number is [contact number].

Sales voicemails are a crucial opening for many sales negotiations. Follow-up sales calls increase the chance of a callback. This is particularly true when the messages left are personalized and focus on the recipient. Using a sales voicemail drop script dramatically improves the messages left and the quality of the leads generated. Enjoy tweaking the above scripts to boost the number of warm leads you generate and seeing the number of deals you close increase!