Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location | Telephones for business

Be Local to Your Entire Client Base

Adele had to leave a heartfelt voicemail, but imagine if she were able to actually connect… Here at Kixie we understand the importance of clients who answer your sales calls. Any advantage you can gain on this front allows you to connect with more clients and ultimately sell more. That’s why we want to talk about Kixie’s Local Presence feature.

With Local Presence you are able to display the local area code of the customer you are attempting to contact. Local Presence can be incredibly valuable to increasing your answer rate. A survey conducted by Hello Operator showed that calls made with a local area code were likely to be answered four times as often. This is huge!!!

Imagine having four times as many sales calls? You already have sales tools to increase your email effectiveness and optimize your website, so why should you be leaving productivity for your phone calls on the table? Let’s stop ignoring the power of the phone call and start connecting with leads.

If you’d like to discuss about how Kixie’s Local Presence can help your team or if you are interested in learning more about Kixie please feel free to call us at 424-800-3332 or start a free trial by clicking here!