How Kixie Syncs Your Call Activities With Capsule

29 June 2016
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How Kixie Syncs Your Call Activities with Capsule | Telephones for business

How Kixie Syncs with Capsule In Capsule, Kixie will automatically log call activities inside of the contact that is associated with the phone number you are calling/being called by. The call activity, along with the hyperlinked call recording, can be seen below.


If the contact has an organization associated with it, the call will sync to the contact and the organization too.

If a contact has an opportunity associated with it, then the call will only sync to the opportunity.

New Leads

When you make/receive a call that does not have an associated person in Capsule, Kixie will automatically create a contact for you. This feature can be toggled off for your account in your dashboard if you are an admin.

The Kixie PowerCall®

The Kixie PowerCall is a phenomenal sales tool. It functions as an enhanced, Capsule-driven caller ID, as well as a shortcut into Capsule. See this article for a more in-depth look at the ideal utilization of this key Kixie feature. It provides four basic opportunities for your salesperson on a given call:

  1. Enhanced Caller ID with one-click access to the contact in Capsule
  2. Edit the contact’s basic information without having to go into the contact
  3. Compose a note that will sync into the contact
  4. Schedule a future activity with the contact

This functionality lends itself especially well to list-view dialing, as well as when you are receiving incoming calls.

The video below demonstrates the integration in action:

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Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs

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