How To Turn Hubspot Into a Revenue Machine With Kixie & HubSpot

Kixie Team
How To Turn Hubspot Into a Revenue Machine With Kixie & HubSpot | Telephones for business

Automation has become an essential part of many businesses, especially those in the technology industry. Companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and increase revenues, and automation has become one of the buzziest strategies. However, according to David Gable, Kixie’s Head of Sales, some businesses are hesitant to incorporate automation into their processes, for fear of it leading to a dehumanized customer experience.

In a recent episode of the HubDo Podcast, David shared his insights with the host and founder of HubDo, Pete Nicholls. David opened up about how companies are getting it wrong when it comes to automation. He highlighted the importance of maintaining a human connection even when implementing automation to improve efficiency (ie, eliminate busy work).

Reframing Automation

One of the main concerns with automation is the fear of dehumanization. No one wants to talk to a robot, and customers often prefer to speak with a human when seeking assistance. David believes that companies should shift their focus away from automation replacing human interaction, and more towards the potential automation has to free up more human time. By automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks, businesses can free up their employees' time to focus on what really matters - connecting with customers. According to David, companies can achieve more significant revenue growth and efficiency when they create more human time through automation.

Examples of Successful Automation

David shared several examples of how Kixie, a cloud-based phone service and sales engagement platform for businesses, has helped companies improve their processes while maintaining human interactions. One of the most significant examples was Kixie’s work with HubSpot to help a large mortgage company transform from disconnected sales sequences to proactive customer engagement.

By integrating Kixie with HubSpot, the mortgage company’s sales team could automatically track calls, send follow-up SMS messages, and connect customers with the appropriate loan officers for their state in real-time. This resulted in more responsive communication, higher engagement, and a smoother sales process. Kixie’s open API and webhooks made it easy for HubSpot to integrate and see results quickly.

Kixie’s Top Tips

David also offered some advice for companies looking to improve their automation strategy. His first tip was to use HubSpot, as it is a powerful CRM tool for tracking sales and customer interactions. The second tip was to talk with Kixie to learn how their platform could help automate and improve responsiveness for service desk and sales teams.

Check out the full podcast episode on HubDo.