How to Streamline Your Workflow With Kixie and Google Calendar

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How to Streamline Your Workflow With Kixie and Google Calendar | Telephones for business

Managing sales follow-up calls can be a challenge if you’re doing it all by hand. But there’s good news: this article will guide you on how to use the Kixie dialer and Google Calendar to make the small business workflow management process simpler and more organized. With these tools, you can easily keep track of scheduled calls and improve your lead nurturing routine.

Scheduling callbacks via your phone system is a great time-saver for busy teams, and an easy workflow to setup for beginners. It’s one of our favorite ideas for workflow management for small businesses. Let’s explore step-by-step how to streamline your sales call management with automated scheduled callbacks.

Note: In order to follow these setup steps correctly, you’ll need access to your Kixie PowerCall account, Google Calendar, your CRM, and Zapier.

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Step 1: Scheduling a Follow-up Call

Picture this: you’ve just ended a great call with a potential customer. You want to stay in touch with them as they continue making a decision, so you plan to follow-up with them in 1 week. You mark a date and time in your calendar….but come that day, you are busy with another call and forget to follow-up!

Here’s how you can receive a notification in your dialer reminding you to place an outgoing call to a certain lead, at a specific date and time.

  • Login to the Kixie Dialer
  • After completing your initial call, navigate to the Scheduled Activity section
  • Input the time and date of the follow-up call
  • Set the duration of the phone call, and the type of meeting (if desired)
  • Click Submit

Step 2: Setting Up the Zap

All of the information you just entered in the Kixie dialer will be sent to Google Calendar and your CRM via a webhook. Once those applications have your call data, you can send out a calendar invite to your lead with all the information for your follow-up call. In order to push that information to the appropriate apps, you’ll need to create a Zap within Zapier with these triggers:

  • Trigger: Catch Hook in Webhooks by Zapier
  • Action: Get Contact in HubSpot
  • Action: Date/Time Formatter by Zapier
  • Action: Create Detailed Event in Google Calendar
  • Action: Delay Until in Delay by Zapier
  • Action: Make a Call in Kixie

Step 3: Accepting the Automated Callback

Once you have your Zap set up with the needed webhook and information, you will get an incoming call notification in the Kixie dialer when it is time to follow-up with your lead.

Accepting the incoming call will automatically place and outbound call to the correct lead, and pull up the lead’s contact data within the Kixie dialer. You can click into the contact record via the link in the dialer if you’d like more information about the lead.

Final Thoughts

This lead follow-up automation is perfect for small business workflow automation, as it helps overloaded team members follow through with their lead nurturing efforts. If you are searching for the best workflow software for small business projects, we recommend getting in touch with Kixie’s solutions engineering team for a consultation.

Or, if you’d like to set up this business process automation on your own, grab a free 7-day trial of Kixie to get started creating workflows today.