How Kixie Syncs Your Call Activities with Pipedrive CRM

16 March 2016
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How Kixie Syncs Your Call Activities with Pipedrive CRM | Telephones for business

Kixie Always Syncs to a Person First:

Depending on how the call was initiated, there are two ways that Kixie will find a person to sync to…

  1. **DirectSync: **For click-to-calls made from inside a person’s contact, as well as click-to-calls made from a person list-view (as long as the Contact ID column is showing on the list-view), Kixie will sync the call directly to that person (and then to any organization associated with the person, and then to the person’s most recent deal). 2017-04-18_1608
    1. To setup the Contact ID
      1. Go Contacts
      2. Click on settings (gear in upper right)
      3. Select the person field labeled “ID”
    2. pipedrive_contactid
  2. In all other cases (click-to-calls from a deal or organization, incoming calls, manual outbound calls through a Kixie device, or SMS messages): Kixie will search through Pipedrive and sync the call activity to the oldest (by date created) person which has the correctly-formatted phone number that is being called/calling you.

When we sync a call activity inside a person, it will always look like this:

CallLog       From there, Kixie will sync that same call activity up to the organization and deal level, if in fact the person is associated with any, in the following manner: _Syncing at the Organization Level: _ There can only be one organization linked to a person in Pipedrive, so the call activity will always sync to that organization if one is linked to the person. BruceOrgSync         Syncing at the Deal Level: Kixie will sync that same phone call or SMS activity to the deal that is associated w/ that person. If there are multiple deals associated with that person, here is how Kixie will decide which deal to sync to:

  1. sync to the deal owned by the Pipedrive user who made the call/SMS
    • if multiple, then sync to the most recently-created one
  2. sync to the deal whose status is open
    • if multiple, then sync to the most recently-created one
  3. sync to the deal whose status is won
    • if multiple, then sync to the most recently-created one
  4. sync to the deal whose status is lost
    • if multiple, then sync to the most recently-created one

BruceDealSync Automatic Person Creation If you are calling/being called by a phone number that is not associated with a person in Pipedrive yet, Kixie will automatically create one inside of Pipedrive, and sync all subsequent call activity to that contact. *This feature may be disabled for your whole account if you so choose, inside “Manage Account” in the dashboard.

The Kixie PowerCall®

The Kixie PowerCall is a phenomenal sales tool. It functions as an enhanced, Pipedrive-driven caller ID, as well as a shortcut into Pipedrive. See this article for a more in-depth look at the ideal utilization of this key Kixie feature. It provides four basic opportunities for your salesperson on a given call:

  1. View the person’s basic Pipedrive information as well as the most recent deal (with direct links to access them)
  2. Edit the Pipedrive person’s basic information
  3. Compose a note that will sync into the Pipedrive person
  4. Schedule a future activity with the Pipedrive person

This functionality lends itself especially well to list-view dialing, as well as when you are receiving incoming calls. To start a free trial in under 3 minutes, no credit card required, please click here. Thanks!

Time to employ a more intelligent phone system?

Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs