CRM Changes That Will Increase Sales in 2018

CRM Changes That Will Increase Sales in 2018 | Telephones for business

As an inside sales management tool, Customer Relationship Management is number one. There are many improvements to CRM technology annually, each aimed at increasing your sales numbers and your revenue. Making use of the latest CRM software changes will help you blast past your goals. For instance, did you know that seamless voice integrations are available for all of the big players in CRM, but also many of the smaller but equally worthy companies? Or that new connections with social media will encourage more teamwork in your sales team and better service for customers?

CRM-Connected Telephony

It is absolutely true that seamless voice integration can improve your customer service and sales. It gives you real-time call data and even lets you record calls for accuracy and improving the customer experience. This leads to greater efficiency by eliminating menial tasks like searching for customer information and prior orders or phone calls. Instead, with integration and cloud-based VoIP, your reps have all the information in front of them and can concentrate on the customer. Other features of telephony customer relationship management include virtual receptionists, customizable call extension routing and even call forwarding features so that sales agents never miss an important call. Once the purview of big CRM platforms like SalesForce, CRM integration is now available for a wide range of CRM applications. With Kixie voice integration, you can quickly connect Pipedrive telephony, HubSpot telephony or Insightly telephony to drive down costs and labor hours while delighting customers easily and painlessly. CRM connected telephony IS sales acceleration telephony.

Social CRM

The natural growth of social media and business connections is Social Customer Relationship Management. Social CRM gives companies the ability to connect their social networks to their customer relationship management systems and engage better with customers and prospects. Many companies have embraced Social CRM and are creating online communities that allow constant customer engagement and tracking of touches. With expanded information about customer behavior and feedback, the company has added analytics to use for marketing plans, and the CRM helps to quickly handle any challenges.

Artificial Intelligence and CRM

For better or worse, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in many areas of our lives. Certainly, it is being used by businesses for many purposes, including interactions with customers. AI already can work with customer relationship management software systems by learning through human interactions with data. It can find answers to questions (think Alexa or Siri), predict what we need, and handle tedious and time-consuming tasks to keep us focused on what’s important. Combining CRM with AI will automate lots of manual work and automate plans on a daily basis. It also collects and analyzes data, predicts trends, and makes decisions based on the data analytics it has rather than emotion, as humans do. As you can see, there are lots of changes coming for customer relationship management. The good news is that all of them should make your job easier and more profitable without a huge learning curve. Contact Kixie to get started with CRM telephony and up your sales game.