12 Holiday Sales Memes to Help You Through Q4

Kixie Team
12 Holiday Sales Memes to Help You Through Q4 | Telephones for business

Don’t Let The Holiday Season Sneak Up On You!!

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The toughest days of selling are almost upon us…

Time to buckle down and give it all you’ve got!

Clean Up That Pipeline!

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As if the last two months of the year weren’t hard enough already, you ALSO have to close out all the deals in your pipeline?!

Welcome to working in sales during the holidays!

What Do You Mean, “The House Is Feliz”?

for lease navidad meme

When what you’re selling is the opposite of “stocking stuffer,” the holidays can be a tough time to make a sale.

On the other hand, nothing says “home” like the smell of freshly baked cookies and a warm fire…

Just make sure Santa isn’t planning on showing up to the open house!

Who’s Going to Buy From You On Christmas Eve?

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As salespeople, we don’t get to take many guilt-free days off.

But on Christmas, it’s a pretty sure thing that you’re better off not calling anyone up.

Too bad Christmas is on a Saturday this year!

Is Bigger Always Better?

toy story sales targets meme

There’s nothing like celebrating a successful year by setting your sights for next year even higher… right?

To infinity and beyond!

Don’t Want a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree? Hit Your Targets!

christmas tree meme

Unless you live in a really small apartment (looking at you, New Yorkers), you’d probably like to get a tree that’s at least shoulder height.

All the more incentive to hit your targets!

All I Want for Christmas Is to Hit Quota

elf sales meme

Here we were, thinking the best way to spread Christmas cheer was singing loud for all to hear…

Thanks for setting us straight, Buddy!

Here We Go Again…

gru sales meme

New year, new you, new targets… and the same old grind!

It’s a Tough Choice…

buttons choice meme

But you might as well celebrate while you can!

Q1 sales targets are a problem for next year you to worry about.

It’s time for current you to celebrate a great year!

Making a Decision in the New Year? That’s Just Cold…

brace yourselves meme

If you haven’t gotten the “we’ll make a decision in the new year” excuse yet, brace yourself…

They’re coming for you and your Q4 targets.

Time to fortify your pitch and sharpen your rebuttals.

Christmas is for Closers!

glengarry sales meme

Will you be able to restrain yourself from launching into your sales pitch when family members ask you how it’s going at work?

Are you going to take the “Always Be Closing” mentality home with you for the holidays?

Or will you be able to keep your closer instincts in check while talking to your family?

It’s important to be selling something you’d feel comfortable selling to your family and friends…

…but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t get annoyed if you try.

Ring in the New Year!

the office sales meme

After ringing in the New Year, ringing up customers is… interesting.

What was it you were selling? Oh yeah, that’s right…

And what was your pitch? Don’t worry, it’ll come back to you.