Streamlining Cold Calls with AI Automation

Streamlining Cold Calls with AI Automation | Telephones for business

In the world of sales, efficiency is key. By integrating Apollo and ChatGPT with Kixie’s Power Dialer using Zapier, you can streamline your team’s cold-calling process and help sales reps have better conversations. By automating the data flow, sales reps receive detailed insights about leads directly in their Power Dialer, minimizing time spent on research and maximizing call efficiency.

In the video below, Aldo from Kixie explains in detail how to set this automation up:

Key Steps:

  1. Trigger in Zapier: A new contact is found in Apollo.
  2. Prompting ChatGPT: The contact information is sent to ChatGPT with a detailed prompt to generate relevant insights.
  3. Integration with Kixie: The insights from ChatGPT are added to Kixie’s Power Dialer, ensuring reps have all necessary information at their fingertips during calls.


  • Time Savings: Reps spend less time researching and more time calling.
  • Informed Calls: Access to detailed insights makes conversations more impactful.
  • Increased Conversions: Efficient processes lead to higher conversion rates.

Practical Example:

A sales rep, through Kixie’s Power Dialer, receives a contact’s information including their role and relevant company details provided by ChatGPT. This information helps tailor the conversation, highlighting how the product aligns with the contact’s needs and responsibilities, thus improving the chances of a successful pitch.


Automating the integration of lead information with tools like ChatGPT and Kixie’s Power Dialer can significantly enhance the productivity of sales teams, making cold calls more effective and less time-consuming. For those new to prompt engineering, there’s always room for improvement and sharing best practices within the community can lead to even better results.