Kixie Pandemic Program with HubSpot

Kixie Pandemic Program with HubSpot | Telephones for business

Kixie Pandemic Program with HubSpot

“Things are crazy right now, which is why Kixie has a program set up where teams that are working from home (or otherwise struggling with the fallout from the novel Coronavirus) can actually get set up and use Kixie for free for a month with no subscription fees* so that you can take advantage of our top tier integration with HubSpot, call recording/reporting, inbound call routing/pbx, automatic voicemail drop, SMS and SMS templates, call coaching for your entire team, as well as advanced automations with HubSpot.

Do things like send emails automatically following calls, lead calls to customers when they open emails, send texts to customers when you miss their call, move deals through your pipelines based on call dispositions, etc., AI powered local presence dialing, and more.

That’s a lot of features, the goal of them being to help you manage your team at a time when you’re forced to work remotely, help you connect with more prospects at a time when sales are more critical than ever, and help you automate as much work as possible at a time when everyone’s efforts are already stretched thin.

HubSpot is an incredible platform and Kixie is proud to be able to extend that excellence into the realm of voice and SMS; partnering together to help you not only survive during this crisis, but thrive during it.

To take advantage of this offer, simply contact your HubSpot rep or email me directly at:

(*calling rates may apply)