Kixie Built the 1st High Level Sales API

23 May 2020
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Kixie Built the 1st High Level Sales API | Telephones for business

Kixie Built the 1st High Level Sales API

Precision SMS and Precision Call

Kixie released the first voice & SMS API for sales teams. From an easy-to-use Zapier Integration to a fully flexible sales API, utilize Kixie’s high level automation APIs to:

  1. Send a follow-up SMS message after a first-touch phone call.
  2. Connect a call with your reps whenever a customer fills out your website contact form.
  3. Call the customer when they open up an email you sent them.

The possibilities are endless!

Each triggered event automatically logs a completed activity inside your CRM. Calls automatically include a lifetime recording link. When there’s no existing contact, we automatically create one for you.

Here's a look at the power of our voice and SMS automation:

Kixie SMS and Call Automation description

Time to employ a more intelligent phone system?

Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs