Win 90 Days of Free Unlimited Access to Kixie!

24 September 2020

Win 90 Days of Free Unlimited Access to Kixie! | Telephones for business

Win 90 Days of Free Unlimited Access to Kixie For Your ENTIRE Sales Team!

Snowballing sales throughout Q4 2020. Sound interesting? Simple installation, flawless text and voice services, and unbeatable automations and efficiency are what make Kixie the top sales engagement platform that boosts sales team performance.

If you’re looking for sales efficiency and higher close rates, real-time coaching and development for your sales team and explosive revenue growth, the Kixie Giveaway is the solution for you and your sales team this holiday season!

For our Q4 Giveaway we are offering the Grand Prize of 90 days FREE UNLIMITED TEAM ACCESS TO KIXIE (terms and conditions apply) for the sales team that connects with the most prospects and makes the most connections on average (per user) over a 30 day FREE trial period after implementing Kixie and entering the October Giveaway.

Here’s How to Enter:

  1. Follow and Like Kixie’s social media pages alt text alt text alt text

  2. Like the social media post promoting our giveaway

  3. Repost or share our Giveaway post with the hashtag #kixiegiveaway on your company’s social media pages

  4. Sign up for a Free 30 Trial of Kixie & download Kixie on Google Chrome today and one of our reps will reach out and get you and your team fully setup and integrated to enter the Giveaway!

Terms, Conditions and Eligiblity Details of the Giveaway

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Giveaway will begin on 10/5 at 6:00 am PST and end on 11/6 at 9:59 pm PST

  2. The winner of the Grand Prize will be announced on 11/11 at 12:00 pm PST

    • The winner of the Grand Prize will be determined by analyzing the increase in prospect connections per user, per sales team, over the 30 day free trial period, and announced on all of our social media pages.
  3. A member of our team will contact your team lead and extend your team’s free access to Kixie for additional 90 days (through February 11th, 2021).


  • Each eligible team must have 5+ user signups per Kixie account

  • To remain eligible for the Giveaway throughout the month:

    • Each eligible team must highlight their top-performing sales rep on social media every Friday throughout the month of October, tag Kixie’s page and include the hashtag #kixiegiveaway to showcase their success.
  • Minutes:

    • Unlimited minutes as long as in US and Canada
    • This offer may not cover call rates for certain countries outside of the United States

Still not sure about entering our giveaway? Here’s what our customers say about us:

“Nothing but a great experience using Kixie! Being able to choose a local number is amazing. With a local number, I am able to establish my presence in our company’s region and close more deals!. Multiple voicemail drops, sms, and reporting features are the icing on the cake. Customer support is always there to help and super reliable."

“We love using Kixie, it saves us a ton of time and is so simple to use. I especially like having my calls recorded so I can jump back into a call to gather specifics and make sure each call is noted accurately. They also route my calls to my cell so I never miss a call if I have to step away from my desk. Would definitely commend to anyone looking for the ultimate voice/text extension for Zoho.”

“I love the fact that when your calling a prospect from across the country you get a local caller ID presence. It increases your connection rates and allows you to have more meaningful connections. We also have the benfit of having Kixie save all calls in our crm so we can listen back and get coaching on our cnversations. Kixie enables us to have our research on one monitor and then our dialer on the other. So that you can have more meaningful conservations and tailor them accordingly. WIth Kixie I can drop a voicemail with a button and when a prospect calls me back my dialer opens up via my computer. Love that I dont have to call my phone and can use my computer for all my calls!”

“Switching over to Kixie has been incredible, it has simplified and streamlined everything for all of us by being able to just click a button and make a call. There is no hassle with setup, and the customer support is amazing, and extremely responsive. The ability to go back on call recordings that are automatically synced to existing deals and contacts is amazing, let alone it adding the contact into our system if it isn’t already in there. The easy to use editing option for contacts is phenomenal, also the ability to make notes on calls and scheduling call backs. I, along with everybody here would agree and recommend Kixie to anybody who is not already using it.”

“This app has been absolutely instrumental in keeping deals information cohesive & organized. It will refresh your knowledge of a deal quicker, upload call recordings and notes from dispositions. The click to call feature is pretty good, too! Being able to keep up with our leads is huge.”

About Kixie:

Kixie makes sales teams’ lives simpler, more productive and more lucrative — we want to help you close every deal possible — by efficiently engaging your customers, helping your managers coach your agents and providing software that can be used on any device, anywhere, any time. By leading in integration simplicity, uptime, software dependability, customer service and satisfaction, our sales engagement software adds immediate value and will help your team engage customers and drive revenue growth.

Time to employ a more intelligent phone system?

Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs